Sports Medicine Innovations AG


Our team members reflect the innovation cycle in sports medicine, covering the core abilities in the development and commercialisation process of medical products in the health industry.

Dr. Wolfgang Schwaiger, joined the company as its Chief Technical Officer in 2011, Dr. Schwaiger derives from the biotechnological industry, which he joined after accomplishing his PhD. in Biology and Molecular Biology. As the head of R&D and controlling in a start-up company, his competences focussed on regulatory and methodical requirements of the medical industry as well as development of medical devices and medicinal products, thereby covering a broad range of technical and regulatory knowledge from designing, producing and introducing medical products in the clinical environment. He is a certified qualified person according to Directive 2001/83/EC, and approved medical device consultant and safety officer for medical devices according to the Medical Device Directive. He is also a qualified monitor /CRA for clinical studies and further education in innovation management and intellectual property protection covers a broad range in the product life cycle of medical products.

Chairman Dr. Andreas Baenziger and CEO Dr. Florian Kamelger are two orthopedic surgeons by training bring a broad experience in the development and commercialisation of medical products into the company. They furthermore provide the connection to a network of outstanding orthopaedic surgeons that brings the capabilities to clinically investigate newly developed products on the highest scientific level.